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Best SARMs for Fat loss

Best SARMs for Fat Loss 2019

With the Christmas right around the corner, it can be all too easy to coast into the festive season with reckless disregard for your gains and physique. As soon as summer ends bulking season starts again for most of us. It is easy to overindulge in delicious treats, extra portions and snacks at all times of the day. You’re not on your own! But! Your future self will thank you for showing enough foresight to recognise this and do something about it now.  

Although it might sound counterintuitive to run a cutting cycle during the festive period, many of us throw the diet out of the window at the first sight of pigs-in-blankets and because of this we calorie load at a rate that takes us until May the following year to work off. This brings me to my point, SARMs are great at maintaining muscle mass while burning fat, making them ideal for combating periods of poor diet such as over the festive season.  

When deciding which SARMs to take to maximise fat loss the internet is awash with conflicting information about different products, routines, and results. Luckily, in comparison to general fat loss supplements, SARMs can be very effective at targeting your body physiology in ways that can significantly enhance fat loss, muscle mass, body strength, fitness, and endurance when combined with the right strategy.  

Firstly, a quick bit of background, SARMs are relatively new to the fitness industry. We say ‘relatively’ because best SARMs in UK have actually been around for decades. Nonsteroidal ones, however, are new. The word SARMs stands for Selective Androgen, Receptor Modulator. The key difference between nonsteroidal SARMS and steroids is the scale on which these supplements operate. This means that they have an effect on muscles only, with little or no effects on the endocrine system. A good comparison might be – If steroids are carpet bombs, SARMs are laser-guided bombs.   

SARMs in UK have been popular among the fitness industry for a number of reasons aside from their ability to target specific cells. Noteworthy reasons are that they are not associated with acne, male pattern baldness, growth or aggravation of tumours, prostate enlargement and testicular atrophy which are commonly associated with anabolic steroids. In addition, SARMs can be used by both men and women without concerns over the development of gynecomastia or facial hair growth in women.  

In this post, we will walk you through the best SARMs in UK for fat loss and provide information about the optimal stack and dosage over a complete cycle.  


MK2866 – Ostarine  

This SARM, aka Ostabolic, MK2866 can be put to work in both lean muscle gain as well as fat loss. This is because Ostarine helps the body retain lean body mass by stimulating growth in muscle of extra fat burn depending on your individual calorie intake – basically, you get a boost to either muscle gain or fat loss with MK2866. For example, Ostarine will stimulate the body to hold onto more muscle, therefore burning more fat instead when you consume less calories than your maintenance every day.  

This SARM is great to aid any cutting cycle where the individual wants to minimise muscle loss while on a caloric deficit. The key advantage of this best SARM is its ability to help fat loss while retaining muscle mass at the same time. This can be tricky when on a caloric deficit, with many enthusiasts ending up catabolic to provide the body with energy. MK2866 has other benefits such as the ability to improve bone strength, collagen turnover, and ligament health.  

 The ideal dosage for an average-weight male is 25mg every day with meals and 45 minutes before a workout. This should be taken in an 8-12-week cycle. For women, the daily dosage recommended is 12.5mg on a 6-8-week cycle. Our MK2866 product comes in a 50-capsule bag with each capsule containing 12.5mg, meaning it can be easily used for male and female cycles without over or under-dosing. Buy MK2866 Ostarine here from the best rated SARM store in the UK – Bulk Lab Supplies.


GW-501515 – Cardarine  

Another powerful fat burning compound, Cardarine, raises the uptake of glucose in the body. In other words, GW-501516 mimics the effects of a workout or exercise causing the body to burn more fat and use more energy. This results in a reduction in body fat levels irrespective of whether the individual alters their diet. Studies have shown that the best results were actually experienced by those who ate a balanced diet rather than those who did not – which is no surprise.  

Cardarine has been used for many years in endurance sports for its ability to help the athletes push harder for longer, this in turn helps to drive more value out of each intense workout as the ability to continue on when you would otherwise have not been able to without fatigue.  

We recommend a dose of between 15-22.5mg per day for an average male adult on an 8-12-week cycle. For best results take with meals, 45 minutes or more before a workout. For an average adult woman, we recommend 7.5-15mg per day on a 6-8-week cycle. Buy GW-501516 Cardarine here from the best rated SARM store in the UK – Bulk Lab Supplies.


SR-9009 – Stenabolic

SR-9009 is one of the most popular cutting SARMS, also known as Stenabolic, promotes fat loss through its ability to impact glucose metabolism and the cells that manage fat storage. This SARM has the unique ability to burn excess calories before they have a chance to be converted into fat through stimulation and changes in metabolic rate.

In 2013, a study published in the Journal of Natural Medicine disclosed that Stenabolic has the unique potential of altering the core biological clock of the body. It was also revealed that Stenabolic stimulates the formation of new mitochondria and helps the body get rid of the ineffective mitochondria.

SR-9009 can be used on its own or in a stack with GW-501516, unlike MK2866 which gets the best results in a stack (see our transformation stacks here). SR-9009 is stacked well with GW-501516 and S4. This stack gives you great energy and is ideal to improve the quality of your workout while also maximising fat loss.

SR-9009 is ideal for shifting that stubborn abdominal and visceral fat by maintaining the body’s metabolism at a high level which in turn results in more energy used and more fat burnt. We recommend a dose of between 20mg per day for an average male adult on an 8-12-week cycle. For best results take with meals, 45 minutes or more before a workout. For an average adult woman, we recommend 10mg per day on a 6-8-week cycle. Buy SR-9009 Stenabolic here from the best rated SARM store in the UK – Bulk Lab Supplies.


S4 – Andarine 

Andarine is great for cutting. Indeed, when used, S4 boosts fat oxidation and decreases lipoprotein lipase. What this means is Andarine can help us achieve that hard look we want our muscles to have. But we won’t feel bloated or horrible about ourselves!

S4 is great for maintaining vascularity as well as muscle hardness. Moreover, S4 is extremely useful in preventing the body from getting catabolic even on a low calorie diet and is an ideal cutting cycle SARM that has the ability to promote significant amounts of fat loss while helping users retain hard-earned and precious muscle. 

Andarine demonstrates great efficacy to promote vascularity and increase muscle hardness by binding with the androgen receptors of bone and muscles. S-4 triggers fat oxidation by binding with the androgen receptors in fat and adipose tissue. Moreover, Andarine is extremely useful to prevent the body from getting catabolic even on a low diet.

The recommended dosage of S-4 for adult males is 50mg per day, preferably with or before meals and in two equal split dosages of 25mg once in the morning and 25mg once in the evening, in a cycle of 8-12 weeks. For adult female athletes, we would recommend 25mg per day, preferably with or before meals and in two equal split dosages of 12.5mg once in the morning and 12.5mg once in the evening, in a cycle of 6-8 weeks. Buy S4 Andarine here from the best rated SARM store in the UK – Bulk Lab Supplies.



In conclusion, the best SARMS for fat loss mentioned above are the best options for managing unwanted fat during periods of irregular dietary intake, such as over the festive season. These SARMs work just as well to burn fat during cutting cycles as they do at managing it.  

We would recommend using a stack to maximise your results such as those found on our transformation stack page. Be sure to read the reviews on each product, our Facebook page or even  

Using one or more of the SARMs recommended above will help keep the wheels on the wagon over the festive period – thank us in the Spring!